Monday, May 9, 2011

Outside of India

Great Britain

Chicken tikka masala, a modified version of Indian Chicken tikka. It has been called "Britain's true national dish."
In 2003, there were as many as 10,000 restaurants serving Indian cuisine in England and Wales alone. According to Britain's Food Standards Agency, the Indian food industry in the United Kingdom is worth £3.2 billion, accounts for two-thirds of all eating out, and serves about 2.5 million British customers every week.

United States

A survey held in 2007 revealed that more than 1,200 Indian food products have been introduced in the United States since 2000. There are numerous Indian restaurants across the US. Indian cuisines in US are quite diverse based on region culture and climate. Major cuisines are North Indian and South Indian. There are also several places in New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles that have specialized cuisines that serve authentic Gujarati food.

South East Asia

An Indian food restaurant in Singapore.
Indian cuisine is very popular in South East Asia because of its strong Hindu and Buddhist historical cultural influence in the region and on its cuisines. Indian cuisine has had considerable influence on Malaysian cooking styles and also enjoys popularity in Singapore. There are numerous North and South Indian restaurants all around Singapore, most of them located in Little India. Singapore is also well-known for its fusion take on Indian cuisines. The fish head curry for example, is a local creation with a strong Indian influence reflected by its complex use of spices. Indian influence on Malay cuisine dates to the 19th century. Other cuisines which borrow Indian cooking styles include Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai. The spread of vegetarianism in other parts of Asia is often credited to ancient Indian Hindu and Buddhist practices.

West Asia

Indian cuisine is also fairly popular in the Arab world because of its similarity to and influence on Arab cuisine.
The popularity of curry across Asia has led to the dish being labeled the "pan-Asian" dish. Curry's international appeal has been compared to that of pizza. Though the tandoor did not originate in India, Indian tandoori dishes, such as chicken tikka, enjoy widespread popularity. Historically, Indian spices and herbs were among the most sought-after trade commodities. The spice trade between India and Europe led to the rise and dominance of Arab traders, to such an extent that European explorers such as Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus set out to find new trade routes with India, leading to the Age of Discovery.

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